How men perceive women

How men perceive women
 Immediately it is worth noting that the reasoning on how a man sees and perceives a woman can never be know the whole truth. In any person there are exceptions to a particular rule.
 Women want to know that it is important for men, in this case, it is much easier to please, get married and live happily ever after with a particular man.

First of all, be aware that a man loves his eyes, and he saw a woman in the image as a whole, rather than individual items such as make-up, manicure, style of dress, etc. Decompose the image into components, highlighting the details - is a female prerogative. Man, it is important to capture the essence and react, because he - the hunter, and his reaction depends on many things.

One interesting experiment conducted by American scientists, which allowed us to determine the perception of a man half-naked ladies. Subjects were shown pictures of women in erotic outfits. At this point, their brain scans showed that the activity of that part which is responsible for the perception of objects. Ie in general, men perceived women as commonplace thing.

No less important than the external image aspect is the perception of male female intelligence. Smart women men perceive differently. A woman who pretends to be a lot smarter than it is in reality, quite annoying man, sometimes despicable.

Really smart woman, makes it so that this few people realize is genuine interest in men. She never shows high intelligence, not to offend in any case the dignity of man, and he, in turn, intuitively knowing it respects a woman.

If a woman is very busy, his career and intelligence vysluzhivayas before the authorities, taken completely for all the work and pushing people and help them, the men eventually cease to notice and take the woman.

General perceptions and attitudes of men to women is largely dependent on how it will dispose of his intellect.

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