How do you explain to a man

How do you explain to a man
 Oh, the family life and relationships! As sometimes want to give vent to emotions, to throw in someone with a heavy object or break a plate on the head near ... but you can not. Sometimes, in order to achieve a result in the negotiations must not only be able to speak in that no matter what, but to argue their point of view and try to hear the opposite. Do you want to have a serious talk with her uglier, but do not know how? It's very simple.
 Sometimes women think that men do not start standing frank about serious topics for a few hours while quickly find that the interlocutor wants to hear. Do not make this mistake, the fact that the man in the sphere of feelings and emotions are much more difficult to gather his thoughts than women. The more difficult it will be, if you get him to do it quickly and efficiently. Remember that the stronger sex is primarily focused on facts and information, and only then begins to think about the feelings and emotions. This, of course, does not mean that your partner - insensitive log, just his perception of your relationship a little different, that's all.

So, in order not to introduce a man into a stupor unexpected question like: "And when we get married? "Pre-prepare it for a serious conversation. But there is no need to go too far. Believe me, if two weeks before the expected date of the negotiations you begin to constantly remind him that you expect a serious discussion, the nervous system of the man simply can not survive. After all, it is you think that the subject seriously and thoroughly, and the man can easily seem that you are aware that he is dying or you've decided to part with it. So be cautious, but in moderation.

Serious talk can be quite different. If, for example, you wish to discuss the prospects of your future life - is one thing, but if you decide to buy, or (God forbid, have already bought) a fur coat for two hundred thousand - completely different. Separate conversations on their severity and do not frighten her beloved in vain. Who knows, maybe after some time he developed persistent reflex in the phrase: "We need to talk" and even offer to buy with chocolate ice cream, made after will be perceived with hostility.

Never apply pressure and do not try to blame the interlocutor, even if you really think that he's guilty of something. Phrase that men spend little time with you it is possible to alter on: "We have to spend so little time together," and the banal: "You do not love me" to "I no longer feel your love." The meaning of this is absolutely not change, but you will not come aggression and the man did not get up immediately on the defensive and try to explain their point of view more gently.

Do not go to the individual. Yes, he can not stand the garbage and throws socks around the apartment, but a dispute about why your relationship is not crack, do not mention that a man or a slut slut. You do not love him for his ability to get out or wash dishes, maybe you should not prevent all in one pile?

In any situation, try to listen to their point of view and try to take his side. Do you feel sorry for yourself first, but try to look at everything through his eyes. Who knows, it may be worthwhile to explore better cookbook and wash still his favorite t-shirt.

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