Alone ... because they know what they want

Alone ... because they know what they want
 Single - a special "kind" people. Unlike most people, they do not try to find human communication, but rather on the contrary, avoided serious human contact. If you are dealing with a loner, and you want to know about her or him more, then there are certain things that unite them all together.

They always have a small high-grade or minor dependence. When a person feels his own incompleteness, sub subconsciously he comes in contact. He realizes that someone can give him what he lacks, and he is able to give in return. It is quite logical operation that happens in the mind of most people. Single people, on the contrary, are left alone and do not feel their inferiority in this. The bottom line is that they initially did not see the point in a relationship, or the number exceeds the number of pluses minuses.

When attempting to meet such a person be prepared that it will initially consider it a mistake. Loner, who started with someone to meet, as a rule, or an egoist who does not think about the partner, or trying to change, but it turns out it is not always successful. Single visited by the idea that he does not know how to build a relationship that he is already something in the burden and then will only get worse. It is very difficult to overcome.

In most cases, people who have chosen solitude, are unlikely to make contact. Should accept and understand that communication - this is not what they are all secretly dream. All they, without any coercion, renounced friendship and love in exchange for freedom, peace, self-determination or something else. However, a person is programmed to give the most low-value by name. Therefore, what the interaction with people is for you, for it can be no more important than any household items.

Do not try to teach life alone. As a rule, these people know about the life of even more than ordinary citizens. Not zhurite them for frivolous lifestyle. Many singles do not necessarily workaholics, with the head gone to work. Many of them are at first sight very bright and full of communication lifestyle but "closer look" can be understood that it is only an appearance, behind which he hides from asking questions. Teach them life is meaningless, since in their bulk - it is prudent rationalists, who have long weighed the pros and cons, and they know what they are doing and what they want.

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