12 qualities that are most annoying men in girls

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 People who love, forgiving. A man in love is able to bear with those qualities of his chosen that irritate him in other women. But nothing lasts forever! Therefore, women should be to figure out what qualities put out her beau. Anyway, what is most annoying men in women?

1) chatty. Men do not understand that it is - one of the characteristics of female psychology, due to other hormonal! Endless and senseless, from the male point of view, "scratching tongue" simply angry. Pity her lover, keep phone conversations with his girlfriend (mother, sister, colleague) in his absence!

2) bias. Many women expressed this quality very much. For them, always and everywhere to blame the man. Of course, it hurts men and annoying.

3) unceremoniously. Women tend to invasion of personal space of the opposite sex, and with the best of intentions: she wants to help! But such help sometimes leads to the opposite result.

4) The insincerity. Alas, the fairer sex tend to fake it! Women often justified: but we are weak, we make life so. Assertion, at least, controversial.

5) inept. Helpless women in the most basic situations touches man is extremely rare. Much more often it is annoying. After all, women are not so fighting for equality, to look absolutely helpless dolls!

6) Morbid jealousy. Here, as with spices, the measure is necessary! If pereperchit even the most delicious dish, it can be to eat only by a court.

6) Rhetorical phrases. Women love a hundred times to ask again: "But I - is the best? "" Do you love me? "They were pleased to hear the affirmative. If only they knew that 99% of men in those moments irritably think, "How can I? »

7) niggle claim. Men can not tolerate them! Especially when you consider that not all women are able to express their diplomatically, without prejudice to the male ego.

8) The imposition of their habits. For 99% of women shopping - a real treat. They get pleasure from walking to the shops, scrutiny, feelings, fittings, no doubt, "Brother, or not to buy? "Naturally, they generously share this" happiness "with the man she loved, dragging them along. Not knowing what it is for them to torture!

9) Abuses in the intimate sphere. Those mothers who teach daughters: "Just do not you think - sleep separately, do not let the body! "Render them a disservice. Turn sex into a weapon, a means of incentives and penalties - the height of stupidity.

10) Neglect of appearance. Every woman should take care of yourself. Make a neat haircut, keep your hands and nails especially in good condition. Remember, men in love is not necessarily blind!

12) The tendency to constant delay. Well, here and everything is clear without words!

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