Which can not afford a relationship with a man

Which can not afford a relationship with a man
 The relationship between a man and a woman are built on many unwritten rules, which try to respect both sides. But there are moments on just women. Build a strong relationship with a man can be in the case if you know what you can not afford them.
 Cohabitation, and the relationship as a whole is not based on love alone. Passion and love are the first, and the couple is left alone with the lifestyle and other factors, and seeking to sow discord. In addition, the behavior of the woman, her appeal to the man plays an equally important role. Knowing what mistakes should not be allowed to be much easier to build a serious and lasting relationship.

Do not allow yourself to insult a man by words or actions. As soon as he hears the phrase from you, touches his dignity, the relationship will be permanently damaged. The fact that men do not like to forget. They can say that to forgive you, but in my heart will carry a grudge for years, and sometimes it will break out.

In no case do not humiliate your partner. This also applies to cases, and words. Making fun of his inability, professional qualities, character traits or looks, do not you get the best features in its image. Men experiencing verbal or other humiliation, end up being a lot of complexes, and in general unlikely to be tolerate such attitude.

Try to restrain desire sole dominion in the relationship. Trying to play a dominant role in the family lead to disappointment, as you think, and men. Stronger sex used to think himself the head, and of the post woman he would not tolerate. This is also the desire of continuous monitoring. Discard it, learn to trust partner and let him have a private space in which you do not have access.

Communicating with her man in society, keep fit and are not pushed to the disrespectful treatment and phrases in his address. Of course, unpleasant or cynical jokes can amuse your friends, but many say the relation of man to him.

Avoid comparisons with former partner present, and indeed with other men. If it is something worse would be, you can not avoid tensions and subsequent long procedure apology. Comparison is not in his favor, you will show that he is not for you the best and unique.

Last unaffordable thing in a relationship - a betrayal. Disclose this item makes no sense. This act at once destroy relationships, feelings and trust.

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