Taboo topics for conversation with your loved ones

Taboo topics for conversation with your loved ones
 Two loving each other people can not stop talking for hours. They feel a single whole, they have no secrets from each other. When the love of man for real, you do not want to upset him and give him unpleasant emotions. Therefore, there are topics that can not talk with your loved ones.  

In order not to upset your partner, do not tell him about their illnesses, try to handle them yourself. About the disease should talk with specialists, doctors, healers or older people, because they have a great experience.

If you have had the experience of relationships prior to meeting with your loved ones, in no case do not tell about it to the partner. He would like to hear about it. And if you start to go into the details of your past sex life, then nothing good it will not. It is better if the guy will think that he is the one and only.

It is not recommended to compare the favorite with anyone, whether it's former partner or spouse girlfriend. This will only discourage the desire to do something. Always say that your loved one is the best in the world, competitors had just can not be. If you praise a young man, he will try to be even better.

Also not recommended start a conversation with a loved one about their failures and shortcomings. Do not engage in self-criticism, such activity can easily change the view of your personality.

In addition, do not criticize the actions of others in dealing with her boyfriend. This talk will expose you with the worst hand, your partner may think that you are envious and spiteful towards others and are happy their mistakes and shortcomings.

In any case, you should choose a topic of conversation in which you are competent. Related Topics for both partners perfectly consolidate communication. And not to be in the conversation to use professional terms, that your loved one does not know. This can enter it in confusion and form a gap during intercourse.

To avoid misunderstandings with your loved one, choose the right things to say. Communication between two partners who love each other should be fun and cause a mutual interest in each other.

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