How to restore relations after the break

How to restore relations after the break
 The severance of relations - a moment that happened in my life, probably, any person. In most cases, it is accompanied by mutual recriminations and tears, and other unpleasant memories. But the end is not the end of the proximity of human relationships. Especially since many of steam after the break are children. How do you find the strength and wisdom to further communication with the person?
 Wait time for calm and their emotions. Most likely, after the break you have experienced pain, resentment, frustration, even anger. While these feelings are strong, it is useless to appeal to reason. Let all his passions subside.

Analyze their behavior. When a man is ruled by emotion, he is unable to adequately assess their own behavior. At such moments, right feels he can. But is this true? Try to imagine yourself in the place of your former lover. Think that was the reason for this behavior is. On a sheet of paper to write their good and it (in your opinion) the goals and desires. This may give a clear idea of ​​why there was a gap.

Forgive yourself and the opposite direction. What's done is already done. Endless accusations against him or your samoedstvo nothing good will. They will only absorb energy and generate negative.

Accept the fact of the gap. This has already happened, but it's not the end of life. Learn to live in the new rhythm. Find your new classes, communicate with new people. Then you realize that even if the renewal of the same level of relationship does not work, then the elementary communication is always possible.

Call (write on e-mail) to his former lover and just find out how he was doing. At this step, people usually solved no earlier than 2-3 months after the break. But initially let himself not to get bogged down on emotions and reproaches. Even if at the end of the line to talk to you dry and cool. After all, your ultimate goal - to restore communication with the person, and not to quarrel again. Do not expect that after the first call all at once adjusted.

An appointment. It would be appropriate if a person has himself called you a couple of times. So chat with you it is not a burden. But you can meet on the condition that you have already found the inner balance and peace.

Do not build castles in the air about your possible reconciliation and reunification as a pair. This is possible, but not often. To stay together after the break, you need a lot of work on themselves to both partners.

In any case, the restoration of normal human communication after breaking up - this is very good. This suggests that people do not hold grudges and evil against each other. Such relationships have the prospect of becoming a truly friendly and strong.

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