How to bewitch men

How to bewitch men
 Attention of the stronger sex, it is important for every woman. The more of this attention, the higher and better self mood. You can always keep these rates at the height if you learn to fascinate men.  
 The man loves his eyes. And before his enchant worth while to draw his attention to himself. How to do it? Of course, with the right way!

Fashion magazines dictate you some ideals. Male same brain works differently - that is the main trend, the man can take over an old-fashioned and ugly thing. Dress so like most men simply: feminine dress - not glaringly short, but not to toe, beautiful, simple jewelry, shoes with small heels. Tights men prefer to see transparent. Hairstyles are more attracted to her hair, and all kinds of curls, waves the stronger sex sometimes crazy.

Minimum of cosmetics - an important point. At least, the man certainly will answer you as to the question of make-up. In fact, they are not very well differ greatly whether you made up.

You should always amaze. Do you have such abilities in stock? Woman versed in football, cars or computers just remember anyone. However, if the other you simply will not exist, it is unlikely that someone interested in you. Masculine ideal - feminine, beautiful girl who suddenly begins to freely talk about how to reinstall the operating system or the last match.

Snow Queen remains on the screen and magazine pages. In life beside him every man wants to see sincere, energetic, good girl. This does not mean that you should immediately rush to his neck, but every time to show what you're doing him a favor, just not worth it.

It is important to be able to support any conversation, to understand his feelings and fears. Yes, they are men too. And if you do not make fun of him, and calm down, give valuable advice, he will surely be fascinated by you.

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