Communication with the former. Why are we doing this?

Communication with the former. Why are we doing this?
 Infrequently first relationship last a lifetime. Most are former lovers, with some of them continuing contact and after separation. There are several main reasons.

Your feelings have cooled down to the man, and the parting was on your initiative. Ex-boyfriend is going through difficult gap and asks him to continue communication. Often a woman, feeling guilty for breaking a man's heart, for some time after breaking up is ready to give him their time and attention.


Man wants you back. He says you're the best in the whole world, sometimes writes romantic messages that gives flowers at the meeting. If your heart is not yet occupied by a new love, and former young people not very intrusive, such communication is pleasant and increases self-esteem.


Do you still feel a sense of a man with whom parted. You hope that he wants you back, because no one liked him as you. You continue to remind him of himself when he started a new relationship and hope to prove that you are better than his new fiancee? Release it, build their own future and be happy without him. If you are destined to be together, he'll be back.


Your former lover has connections in the business, he can introduce you to the right people or you simply related to work? Then continue to communicate with him useful. If feelings have cooled down, it is possible to maintain friendly relations. And if necessary, you can turn to him for help.


Your love has passed, but you were close friends. You have common interests, you perfectly understand each other. It was the former lover you first seek advice, because no one knows you better than he. On the one hand, a real friendship - a great value. On the other, it's hardly like your new chosen.

Whatever the reason for your communication with a former lover, try to not hurt your past your present and future.

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