6 signs that a man will throw you soon

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 Loving woman wants her relationship with her partner continued as long as possible - this is natural and understandable. But these wishes come true, you have time to recognize the signs of cooling, men and, if necessary, make adjustments in their behavior.
 1. It is increasingly been frustrated, and in everything. Judging from his words and the character you became ill, and prepare you worse and worse, and in bed behave too stiffly, monotonous. This is a sure sign that you need to guard.

2. Previously a partner literally lived communion with you, looking for any opportunity to see or just to hear your voice on the phone. Now, on the contrary, under any pretext, evades unnecessary communication. And your attempts to talk to him to meet with ill-concealed irritation, they say, do not you understand that I'm tired.

3. He willingly shared with you my thoughts, experiences, reflections. It genuinely interested in your opinion on a particular issue. This is no more. Moreover, any attempt to say your cause with his hand stinging, or simply offensive comments. Say, did not grasp the essence of the issue, and climb with your opinion.

4. Partner increasingly in front of you ever look at other women, enter into conversation with them, compliments. Or, speaking of some other woman, emphasizes its advantages in various fields, envious sighs: "That's lucky her husband! "With a clear hint that he is just what you're out of luck.

5. He often returned later than usual time, referring to the official business. But he smelled ladies' perfume, and such that you do not explicitly use.

6. Intimacy takes you less and less, not delivering the same joy. In addition, if earlier it was he who showed initiative and genuinely upset, if you refused him, citing what a headache, the fatigue, now this can only dream. This is a sure sign that you have ceased to please him. Draw your own conclusions, decide what to do next.

Of course, the temporary cooling of relations is not insured, even the most loving and friendly couple. In addition, the ardent passion can not always be maintained at the same level, it is unreal. Sooner or later, love relationships become more calm, restrained. But if all of these symptoms continue for a long time, your partner probably weary of communication, and may at any time put you before the fact: "I'm sorry, but we're through."

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