Why you should not go back to the former

Why you should not go back to the former
 So ended a relationship that began so beautifully. Are you in pain. But again and again he asks you to come back to it. It dawns on scenes from "past life" flashed possible future scenarios of your relationship with him, but there are many "buts". Why did not you have to go back to the former partners?
 In life there are situations where conflict and separation from a loved one does not become a point in the relationship. Instead, the former partner starts again seek a meeting with you. At this point the question arises, whether or not to renew the relationship with that person. Why you should not go back to the former?

First, past relationships are unlikely to be repeated a hair's breadth. It is unlikely that the second run "pricheshet" all the bad points "past life." This happens very rarely.

Second, if the reason for your breakup was a difference of opinion, do not expect that the former partner can easily change their views and take your position. This takes time.

Third, your resentment can swim out again, because these "wounds" have not been able to heal. Even if from the moment of parting took quite a long time, who knows, maybe your ex-partner has already appeared another woman. And suddenly, just had a row with her, so come to you, only to tilt on a quarrel with his new girlfriend.

Fourthly, it is unknown whether he has realized his mistakes and not repeat them again if, starting a new conflict.

Fifth, think, and if you really want to step on the same rake for the second time. New separation can be much harder first.

Sixth, if you have already appeared the person to whom you are experiencing mutual affection, why break his heart. Maybe it's better to think carefully before such a drastic step.

If you really decided to resume the previously broken relationship, do not jump to conclusions first, they can be misleading.

Be sure to assign the trial period to test the relationship. And it's better for it to be longer, for example, one month. During this time, you should be able to figure out whether you need such a relationship and whether or not to return to them again.

Would not consent to return relationship with a man who at least once already raised a hand on you or some time to spoil your life its hard drinking and swearing. The same applies to degrading treatment with you.

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