Why do we write the former

Why do we write the former
 Think of the word "former". After all, someone you for each other once were! Perhaps only met, or if you have children together, but in any case you have to each other not only passers-by in the street. It would be strange if you called someone else. But do not you find it strange when someone just got the wrong number! Then what are you afraid that called you once loved one?

"And what he / she want from me? "- The first suggestion, why would he / she could write. Well, it's possible that it's really something you have to. This does not mean that he set out to return to you. Maybe he needs any service or your help with something. If you are not too onerous, why not help? After all, you yourself may find yourself in a situation where besides him no one will help you. In any case, you can always say "no."

"Keep him nothing or something? "- The second most common suggestion. And it is not unreasonable. It is possible that at this very moment it is really nothing to do. And instead of watching another show on television, he decided to devote a few moments to recall its exist. And I chose to do it for you. You prefer the series - is this the reason for the dissatisfaction? You answer no obligation, but because you are certain there will be something to remember on occasion.

"He drank." It happens. Because more courage. It seems that you can say all that's left and nedogovorit. Here it is fundamentally incorrect assumption that if could not agree sober then drunk certainly will not work. Only to the same write, is likely to be ashamed then.

By whatever rules nor did your life together, should not be on the same rules to build a future relationship. A break them once and for all, you always have time.

Love relationships often are cost a rather limited list of scenarios (see. "Games People Play." E. Berne. 1988). Analyze the one that formed you from the "former". Who played the child, parent, etc. who Think like an adult behaved in a given situation. You may still be able to build a constructive relationship between two adults. Let them be at least friendly - it is a lot by modern standards of communication. If you still do not get - put a filter on his mailing address.

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