What man wants to hear from a woman

What man wants to hear from a woman
 In compliments need not only women but also men. And the stronger sex love compliments, no less. Smart woman knows what a man does not necessarily tell the whole truth in the eye. Sometimes the situation or of a man can be a little spice. Just do not abuse this technique.

Men like to feel important. They are very important to them more often reminded of their courage, mind, beauty, sexuality. Many people really like phrases like "You're my best man." And physically strong representative of the best compliment related to their intelligence, business, care. But with the "smart" professions that do not differ big muscles, it is better to manage differently. Such men are like when they are called "brave lions," "fearless defender" and so on.

Try as much as possible to consult with a beloved man on the most important questions of life. So you will demonstrate his authority. Man must realize that it was his opinion is more important to you than all the others.

Most man appreciates your concern and your freedom. Wherein the first must not infringe the latter. Quite often women forget about it, trying to take care of the men at the expense of their freedom. Do not use during a conversation phrases like "So in fact for you as it will be better." The man is an adult, so he is able to understand what he needs. You do not want to be "in the shoes" too custodial mothers.

To a man appreciate your concern, build a life together, based on their needs and preferences. Men are a delight to such phrases as: "I think I talk a lot. You need to shut up, "" Of course, dear, you can visit his birthday with friends on a fishing trip, "" I'm sorry, I was wrong "," What do you want to do on the weekend (tonight)? "," Can you come back when you want. " Man is clearly elated such trust, and your relationship will appreciate it even more. However, some men just do not know how to deal with boundless freedom. But most importantly, they have one.

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