How to win the love of a married man

How to win the love of a married man
 Force myself to stop loving a person is not easy, but sometimes, unfortunately, we have to do. Relationship with a married man rarely end well, so you should try to get rid of the wrong fan as soon as possible, before it is too late.
 To force yourself to give up the love for a married man, you should first of all sensibly assess the situation and think about how your relationship will develop in the future. No need to create illusions. Even if the fan assures you that is about to leave his wife and just do not divorce her because of her illness, the child and so on., He probably just fools your head. You can look at it this way: you are to enjoy the intrigue of love on the side, but no one is going to have to give up for the sake of the family. It hurts to know, but is often the case.

Try to look at your relationship through the eyes of men. He is very convenient: in addition to the unsuspecting wife who takes care of him, there is also a lover, which is pleasant to spend time relaxing from everyday problems. Experienced men sometimes use inexperience girls, giving them affection and care, making gifts, instilling the idea that his wife - a person does not deserve attention and unable to prevent love. As a result, she becomes dependent on the lover. If you have a strong sense of self-esteem, try to look at his chosen from this point of view, and perhaps instead of love, he will gradually cause you dislike.

Think about that, linking their lives with a married man, you are wasting precious time in this love triangle themselves doom yourself to suffering. But you could find a free man who sincerely love you and want you to devote your life. Do not push your own happiness. It is also thought that you ever can do the same as you do with a man and his wife are in love. Imagine yourself in her place and think, want to later the same thing happened with you or not. Fear and compassion - strong allies in the fight against love.

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