How to understand the gestures that a person is lying

How to understand the gestures that a person is lying
 Nonverbal signs give much more information about the thoughts and emotions of a man than verbal communication. Tin man experienced interviewers, investigators, businessmen determine the lies and concealment. What are these gestures?
 No matter how skilled or was a liar, subconscious still betray him. It is easy to detect lies in a person not accustomed to speak the truth, because he manifested several signs following. And a person who has mastered the art of lying, still flashes at least one feature.

Man lying when touching a finger to his nose. Interlocutor as it wants to close the mouth in such a way. This gesture is inherent in an adult. Teens covers her mouth, looking around with the line of the lips with his finger. A small children completely cover his mouth with both hands.

If you carefully observe the person who lies, we can see some changes on the face, which are shown only for a moment. This may be redness of the cheeks, the expansion / contraction of the pupils, squinting eyes - those features that are quite difficult to catch the usual interlocutor.

You can define a liar by the fact that he does not look his interlocutor in the eye. So he looks away up or down the left side. If right, the person thinks and remembers truthful information. Frequent blinking, too, is a sign that a person is lying to you.

If the other party that wants to hide from you, he rubs his neck or throat hand, fingers crossed. Insincere emotions are expressed in the asymmetry of the corners of his mouth when he smiles.

Lying, man can not be in an absolutely quiet position. Felt his tension, nervousness in his movements and facial features. He picks up some items straightens her hair, touching your nose, cheeks, just to take a hand.

Another person who is lying, trying to close from someone says to the side, crosses his arms and legs.

Responding to questions, a liar always answers after a pause, wondering how to answer him. Even despite the fact that the questions may be the most basic.

Of course, it should be the state of health of a person who may touch the nose due to the common cold, or, for example, it had a blush on the face due to the high temperature conditions.

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