How to Tie a discreet flirting

How to Tie a discreet flirting
 Flirt - a very pleasant experience. And it is all the more pleasing that no non-binding. Cute coquetry, sometimes having nothing to do, sometimes with far-reaching plans. You still do not know whether the continuation. You just cute new guy in the company or at work.  

How long have you not flirt with men, so long ago that you forget how to do it. Do not worry, we'll recall.

It's simple. Some lovely smiles. Not too outspoken and even more promising. A couple of times to catch the eye. Slight embarrassment. Neither noncommittal conversation, a light touch of hands. Laughter, shared a little secret. Here's flirtation begun. How it will end, depends on you. If you know exactly what you want to continue - night rendezvous, do not hesitate to show it. When you're flirting with the long-term view, the rush with precocious proximity is not necessary. Maybe all your subtle hints remain without attention, and in this case there is nothing to be sad. After all, it was just a flirtation.

The mistake many women and the reason for their failure is that they are too serious about such a simple and frivolous things. And because of this, they become ridiculous and awkward. Other women too are pushing for a strong floor. From these ladies, men are timid doe, can escape to one minute. Knights are not always happy erotic increased attention.

On the other hand, too cheeky flirting girl can correctly orient men. He decides that he was given the green light for action. And in your plans for this development is absolutely not included. There will be confusion, and may spoil the relationship. Everyday clear flirting with male colleagues at work, too, not into the hands of the weaker sex. You will be considered frivolous and too accessible.

So, before you start to flirt, look at where you are, and those around you. And if everything is in order, begin to act.

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