How to talk with your loved ones

How to talk with your loved ones
 Some couples are conversations for hours in bed. Others prefer a more traditional place for conversations. Often men and women speak different languages, not understanding each other. Learn to talk with your loved ones - an art that needs to be learned.
 How often can hear from a woman that her husband does not understand, it's worth it to say a few words - just flashes scandal. To avoid this, look first to what and how you say when communicating with each other. By following some rules of conversation with a loved one, you can create a family (relations) in the atmosphere of love and harmony.

Remember that you are talking with a close friend, not a slave. Never refer to a favorite for families, especially in an intimate setting. In the company of friends and public places also refer to him only by name.

Can you think of his handpicked affectionate nickname. Possible, so it will be even more pleasant to chat with you. But remember, the affectionately-diminutive "cat", "bunny", "chick" is not appropriate. More appropriate "lord", "Hero", "prince" and the like. You can call it a "favorite" or "dear." While everyone has their own preferences.

Articulate their thoughts. For example, instead of "give me a birthday something unusual," say, "Give me a beautiful dress, travel packages," etc. He immediately understand the essence and take note of the request.

Do not talk about the chosen one with disdain, even if he is not near you. Especially should not do if you are in the company of colleagues or friends in common. You risk to acquire the reputation of a woman with evil and bad temper.

Do not start its request to perform any task with reproaches, even if it sounds like a sentence. Ask a loved one to help you. Even if he starts to grumble, it is not because he thinks your request is not important and unfair, and probably for the reason that you remove it from their own affairs. He will fulfill what you ask it after a while, you'll see.

Do not swear at his chosen one, the more mat. It depresses and repels any person.

Do not forget to ask about loved how was his day, as he feels that he now found interesting. Let him until responds formulaic phrases like "everything is fine", but in the future you will be able to teach him to be more frank and open by example.

Try to touch his hands when walking down the street, smile in response to his mind, keep his sense of humor.

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