How to return the one who does not love you more

How to return the one who does not love you more
 Not all women are lucky with mutual love. But everyone wants happiness. Sometimes it happens that the subject does not feel sighs reciprocal feelings. Do not despair. It happens that a spark lights up with a second and even a third attempt. And these couples live together for a long time, testing each other respect, passion and tenderness.
 What to do in order to win back the love of dear to the heart of man? Firstly, analyze their own behavior. What are the characteristics of your character made him decide to break? Try to work on weaknesses. Pacify the jealousy, if it was the cause of separation. Become more open and responsive. Avoid anger and aggression.

Secondly, tidy appearance. Make manicure, pedicure, go to the solarium, refresh her hairstyle. Buy a couple of new dresses and elegant shoes. All of these actions will return confidence, make others look at you with different eyes.

Once you have worked on yourself, you can begin the action for the return of a loved one. Under no circumstances should insist on the right to resume the relationship. To start offering a friendly meeting. Or try to "accidentally" be in the same place as the ex-boyfriend. Best of all, if it is a party with friends. In familiar surroundings both of you will feel free and dialogue take place.

To spur former mate to action, come to the party not one, but with a man. Flirt with him, dance, pay maximum attention. That sense of ownership can push for the resumption of relations lover. Seeing you with another, he will feel jealous and try again to achieve your location. Spur him to this rivalry, characteristic of the majority of the stronger sex.

No matter how passionate you are happy impulse from the former, do not throw directly into the pool with his head. Slightly hold him at bay. Pretend that the resumption of relations is not so much you need. But, at the same time, do not deny, promised to think about.

If a man was able to return, do not make the same mistakes. Try to match his ideal woman. Then he falls in love with you again and will never leave.

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