How to play the "hunter and prey" with a man: how to gain his attention

How to play the "hunter and prey" with a man: how to gain his attention
 Win a man is not easy. And make it so that it seemed to him that he was a conqueror - aerobatics. You need to use the potential of the entire cast, to use all your mind and all the beauty. The game of hunter and prey - that's what will be interesting to almost every man.  

If you have a man who is nice to you, you should try to have a relationship with him. The game of hunter and prey will make the process fun and make a man feel like a winner. If you frankly confess her feelings to him, the novel can not start. Or end too quickly. First incensed man, and then build a relationship with him.

First tell the man that you are free and do not mind to have a new relationship. Do not focus on the fact that you are lonely. On the contrary, say that will choose the best. And do not worry if it takes some time. Demonstrate the attentions of other men. Bouquets of flowers, gifts, pleasant message. But do not forget to say that to you, this man does not fit.

Smile as often as possible to the man whom you have chosen a prey to ourselves. Indeed, the production - this is it. And your task - to make him think that the opposite is true. Tell him compliments, touch it. Of course, it should not be intrusive. Shake off the dust particle with his sleeve, correct errant strand of hair. This preparatory period. It can last for a long time. Specific dates you choose.

When you are first invitation to the meeting, do not rejoice. Make a thoughtful face and tell them that this evening you're busy. Pretend that you hesitate: go or not. But then, of course, agree. Do not hold meetings alone with a man. Your task - to inflame him as much as possible. In this scheme sex at the first meetings does not fit.

On the first date demonstrate a question. Do not get ripe fruit in his arms. With each meeting allows men more. But to a certain extent. We must show that it is nice to you, but the choice you have not already. If a man started to go too far, break it sharply. Avoid, do frightened and gently ask him to stop.

Continue to communicate with other men. Let your partner feel the competition. It is not necessary to see him too often, it can turn into a completely different side. For example, you can get bored with each other. Or become friends, not lovers.

Do not forget to show a man that he is pleasant to you, what you like his company and his affection. Do not explain his behavior. On this theme, you can laugh it off or just to say they are not ready to talk to him about it. Still do not stay alone with him.

Continue this period so that the man almost fell in love with you. But do not tighten too long. It is likely that he gets bored so evasive prey, and he went to look for a new one.

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