How to keep and understand a man

How to keep and understand a man
 It has become a frequent occurrence that men leave their wives after years of living together. But after a man, lived a short time with his mistress, throws her and begins to live a very different woman. And at this point, there is the happiest family. So what's the deal. How to keep and understand the man.

Over the years, a man loses confidence in himself. His sexual life is not interested in him, and he can not surprise your beloved, as she knows it inside and out. At this time there is a tipping point and he gets a mistress. Him with her better, as it should be charming, to conquer, and fall in love with. But as soon as he divorces his wife, mistress becomes an ordinary woman. And in the end he throws her and starts a new prosperous and strong family.

To understand her man and keep, it is necessary to constantly surprise interested in its affairs, to enjoy his success. We need to do everything to make you interesting with each other. But if you do not succeed, then it is not surprising that he would prefer another.

Sometimes you need to call a man in his jealousy. After all, as soon as he sees on the horizon opponent, he starts to fuss and show you their attention.

Need to remember to keep your man, you can not always sit at home and Kuhar for him all day long. Go and fundamentally change yourself from a professional master. So you can hold it and get your family happiness.

To keep a man, you need to understand a simple thing. Most men change to assert itself in sex. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly please and conquer. You have to be for it is always a mystery. Become prey to a kind, top and a bright star. Be spontaneous and natural. You can also become a little girl for him and give him the right to take care of you. Many men like to feel stronger.

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