How to keep a man

How to keep a man
 Love wakes up just when a loved one makes a strange and unexpected thing. Up to this point everything was fine: laughing, talking, went by the handle. But suddenly his calls stopped abruptly. She begins to look for a meeting with him, she calls, not knowing what was happening.

It is necessary to try to win a man's heart, so he rushed to the girl's neck, and not vice versa. After all, a man, like a ball - just let him out of his hands, he will immediately begin to blossom. What can we do so that it does not dissolve and "do not hit the road"?

Women try to devote time to his beloved as much as he needs. This is wrong. You do before doing something, you have their interests. No need to go completely in love with a head, you can not notice that the partner that something has changed. Do not reach for him with reproaches and jealousy. Someday it will bother him.

Why is it cool man? Every person, and especially women, want something new. If a woman is trying to solve with shops and beauty salons, he starts looking for a new experience in a relationship. They like inaccessible goddess, so help him, just play along.

You must call his fear of loss. He must know that his companion - a great value. Sometimes need to take an example from them today with him, and went and gone tomorrow. If it is an appointment, you must at least once to give it up, so that he knew that you can not always wait for him. Let him have time to get bored. But do not overdo it, that he is not sneaking feeling that you have left.

Men need to understand that it is not the only one who wants to be with you. Do not force yourself to him. He must understand that his girlfriend wants a lot, and gets it alone. Need to be playful. A woman needs to play it because it can! You have to be a flirt, flirt and flirt with other guys.

The biggest mistake every woman - to throw his hobbies. This is not true. Men do not do that, and if he liked football all his life, he did not leave because of you, so take his example and do not throw your hobby. The appearance of your favorite things, not only will take you to the next level, but also expand the circle of friends, and your young people will appreciate you more.

In fact, if you truly love and appreciate each other, you do not have any difficulty be separated. Just in life must be able to be smart, which is sure to help.

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