How to get a man to do what a woman wants

How to get a man to do what a woman wants
 All women dream of men to their desires fulfilled. Unfortunately, not all men really fulfill them. In what was going on - in an increased hazard of men, or just the fair sex are not able to get a man to do what she wants?

In this situation, the paradox is that a woman can make a man do what she wants, if not its cause.

Many people mistakenly try to force a man to fulfill desires by force "pilezhkoy", "swotting" and blackmail. Pilezhka - this is when you are trying to get their way, playing on the guilt of men. "I mean, look at his neighbor, to his wife bought a long fur coat and you ..." - this is an example pilezhki. Swotting - this is when you are constantly annoy him asking for a fur coat, repeating it in the day, several thousand times. Blackmail family life is familiar to many, at least by hearsay. A classic example: "You can not buy a fur coat, you will have no sex."

All of these techniques are ineffective. They can work if you are very much take him by the throat, but at the same time you mess up his opinion of himself and win a little man any desire to please you on their own initiative. Important man in any situation feel at height, and, forcing him to do anything, you drop it in their own eyes. In the end, he may begin to hate you.

For a man to fulfill your desires and would carry them further, a woman should make sure that the man saw himself in her eyes, a hero. To do this, a woman needs her man to praise for the slightest help from him. If he only went for bread, gratefully tell him how much he has helped you and how happy you feel close to him. If he brought flowers, do not take it for granted, and every time to admire, for the first time. Then he heard your request for what you want him to get a man to imagine how grateful you accept his gift, and will want to fulfill your desire with far more fervor than if you put pressure on it.

This method, however, not give a perfect result. Hearing that you about something dream, a man may miss it by ear. Then you need to make sure that he understood that for you is really important. To do this, you need to tell a man what is the benefit of your dreams. Men are very rational, and if they see that the object of your desire - not just a worthless trinket, a really useful thing, they will go to meet you. Say sometimes, as you would be happy to get what you want. Observe the extent that such repetition does not become a swotting. Get the desired expressed gratitude so sincerely and rapidly to the man wanted to continue to please you, to fulfill your wishes.

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