How to diversify sex life

How to diversify sex life
 Sex has become boring for you and Pres. Exclusively conjugal duty and nothing else. Do not just run to a sexologist, you just need to diversify your sex life.

Sex bored - this is a sad truth, known to each pair, to live long enough time together. But this is not the reason for the break in relations, conflicts, scandals, and sometimes even such an extreme as treason. There are many accessories that can make your sex life brighter and more varied.

Firstly, try to look sexier and more desirable. This will help you a frank and erotic lingerie. Be creative. It may as bold outfits purchased in a sex shop, and just beautiful lace sets of ordinary store lingerie.

Secondly, you are a woman, and therefore actress. Change roles. Today you are an innocent schoolgirl, did not learn homework, and tomorrow you vamp, thirsty emotion and passion. Do not be redundant and toys from a sex shop. Allow yourself to any fantasy and active expression of feelings. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Third, watch erotic movies with a plan, read the relevant literature. When people start talking about sex to mind immediately comes "Kama Sutra". This Indian treatise was written in the II century BC, as a kind of tips for keeping sexual desire of the partners, that is, the problem is as old as the world. Does this mean that you need to try all the postures described in the "Kama Sutra"? Of course not. Do only what you like or have always wanted to try, but you were afraid to talk about it out loud. Now is precisely the moment when the battle is necessary to let the heavy artillery. Do not forget ienya posture, as prolonged use of the same addictive, and blunted feelings.

Fourth, a change of scenery. If your sexual merrymaking did not extend beyond the bedroom, try to have sex on the kitchen table, on the floor. Change the comforts of home at night romance half-empty cinema or extreme in the toilet of the aircraft. Adrenaline Rush enormous. Suitable public places - just a sea. Must be present in all the excitement and thirst for new experiences, especially in sex.

Fifth, try to add some zest to your sexual relationship. Change the sequence of poses, or add Intimacy: dim lights, romantic music, blindfolded, silk bedding, whipped cream applied to the erogenous zones of your partner, ice cubes, rose petals on your body. Sensations will seem brighter and more spectacular. Experiment, but try to do it so that it was pleasant to you both.

But the most important thing - to be sincere to each other. Between the partners must be trust and mutual understanding. If a woman is shy or afraid to talk about their sexual desires and fantasies, then the pair may eventually cause problems. Talk about your sex life. Share your impressions, emotions, telling each other about what brings true pleasure, and that leaves you indifferent.

Use every opportunity to improve your sex life, and before you open new horizons and still unconquered peaks.

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