How to bring it to the emotions

How to bring it to the emotions
 Men - people are no less emotional than women. According to research by Italian scientists, they are more sensitive to change the internal state of the partner. However, quite easily vulnerable and therefore do not always show their feelings and emotions.
 Try to make a man feel safe around you. Then he revealed better emotionally. To do this, you need to be very careful in humor never hurt a man jokes and never laugh at his feelings. Even a light laughter can be wrongly interpreted if it is just before this disbosom. And you're just at that moment remembered some funny moment of student life and could not at the same time refrain from giggling. So constantly keep yourself under control, when a man says about his feelings.

 Try more fun when communicating more on themselves and to provoke an emotionally intense situation. Teach funny jokes and telling their favorite, he was accustomed to express their emotions more openly in your presence. Humor works wonders in the emotional emancipation of men. Watch a movie together and encourage him to express their opinions about the film and about their experiences. Of course, the movie has to be interesting to him, hardly suitable melodrama, ideally suited smart and high-quality science fiction or horror bright. During a horror movie or thriller, hold his hand and shaking all over, periodically turning a blind eye. Give him the opportunity to express these emotions, which he considers a manifestation of tenderness and care.

 Try to do more to talk about feelings and their attitude to it. Tell him why he was dear to you and that you have opened a new in it today. Sincere interest make your heart beat faster and men express themselves more openly. Say admire men who clearly express their emotions. The main thing - that he stopped counting internally emotions a sign of weakness. Admit that you - a strong man and gentle - synonyms, and he wants to match. Reward lover for showing positive emotions with care and attention, it will form in his subconscious connection between the expression of feelings and the fact that he himself is nice.

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