How to be sociable with the guys

How to be sociable with the guys
 Problems communicating with the opposite sex occur in many young girls. To overcome these difficulties, it is necessary to understand their causes.
 Most often the basis for communication difficulties is excessive shyness. It can be caused by self-doubt which arises due to imperfect appearance or any flaws.

Also shyness and even isolation can be triggered by negative impressions of the previous communication with young people.

If she considers herself attractive enough, afraid of attention, it is necessary to take a number of measures aimed at improving her self-esteem. That she liked the others, it must first begin to enjoy yourself. To make this process was more productive, you should not focus on the denial of deficiencies, and the allocation of merit (both personal and external).

The next stage of work after raising the level of self-esteem - chat with the guys. But you should start not with a romantic rendezvous, and communicating with a neutral nature, which can be easily organized in the learning process, various social events. During this type of communication from the shy girl will buddies with whom relations can further develop into something more than just friendship.

Perhaps the reason for the closure is the psychological trauma resulting from the negative experience of working with young people. In this case, the girl needs to understand that the relationship with the guys can bring joy, and the unfortunate case - an exception.

To fix this setting in practice, it is not necessary to insist on the establishment of new acquaintances. This can only exacerbate existing psychological problems. At the initial stage of a girl better to have a pen pal. You should carefully approach the selection of a young man, because largely depends on him whether the girl to beat shyness.

A candidate for the role of a virtual friend should have similar interests and hobbies, not to show antisocial tendencies (this information can be obtained in the analysis of personal data, which he pointed out).

The girl will be easier to open a virtual interlocutor, because they do not know in life, and their conversation will not have any effect. In the process of communication she could tell his friend about his experiences. And, to speak out, to get rid of the burden of negative emotions and complexes. This will help the girl to be sociable with the guys in everyday life.

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