Consequences of correspondence with prisoners

Consequences of correspondence with prisoners
 Correspondence with the outside world for the majority of prisoners is one of the ways of survival. Most of the zones is inoperative, since our state hard work pay convicts work are not more than 15% of the prisoners, while the rest are degraded and eke out a half-starved existence. Most of them do not even maintain a relationship with the family, and the fact that someone is writing letters to them, forcing seek out the positive aspects in the life and work on themselves.

Maintain a man who lost many of the benefits of civilization and freedom on the one hand very charitably, as many convicts completely lost touch with the world. Of these, originally someone could be lonely, but from someone refused to relatives during the trial. Prisoners tend to have no friends, but there's accomplices, who will almost certainly also serve their sentence in another colony.

Learn about what's going on outside, inmates can from the news and television broadcasts. And when the letter from the external world, from a man who is a stranger, and not judged, come in very handy. To convict it is a breath of fresh air at the outlet of the overcrowding.

Our women are overly compassionate and patient, unfortunately, prisoners are aware of this and have successfully used the weaknesses of women. Naive young lady with a genuine understanding and compassion carefully read each letter with tearjerker about injustice and bitter fate. After all, almost every convicted person writes that he is not guilty because there was an accident, for which he is serving a sentence. Most often this is due to the guilt of taking a relative or friend over either, because of the honor of the woman will certainly need to be protected. Sometimes there are prisoners with more vibrant imagination and invent stories that are seemingly impossible to write. But any of the options is to ensure that he is completely innocent and unjustly serving time. The police, the court and the prosecutor were terrible monsters, which only needed that to condemn an ​​innocent man. But the relatives could not not believe law enforcement authorities and refused, so that there was a lack of warm clothes and cigarettes.

And after these letters lovely young ladies begin to collect parcels and regret in tears "poor things." No woman has no idea that such letters are composed collectively, that for many years there harvested stories about the terrible fate of the prisoners and that such letters are read aloud, and the sincere and warm words are perceived as entertainment. Women are waiting for response messages and the time when the most honest and good people in the world, finally released. They are pre-life with the most wonderful man, and not even admit the thought that this may not happen.

And here comes the moment when the favorite term comes to an end, and suddenly it turns out that he is waiting for him on the freedom of his wife and children, who missed all this time for the Pope.

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