7 mistakes that kill the first sex with a new partner

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 Sex - it is always an exciting event for two people, but it becomes especially exciting for the first time, when people first encounter each other in an intimate setting, to not having an intimate relationship. First sex partners can be remembered for years to come, and may be a disappointment, so you should carefully examine the common mistakes that lead to frustration in the first sex to avoid them.

Firstly, sex should not be too fast. Meeting for the first time, people tend to get to know and explore each other, and they are not set up to ensure that their relationship ended, barely begun. Especially if people are not as long, they do not wait for an invitation from each other in bed on the first date - untimely and hasty sex can ruin their relationship, which has only just begun.

If a woman is easy to agree to have sex with a man who hardly knows the man triggered a psychological reaction, according to which a woman is considered to be accessible, which means that by default a man feels in her disappointment. To the sex was really sensual, events should not be rushed. Partners must meet, become closer to each other, and most importantly - to begin to trust each other. Only under the condition of mutual trust their intimate relationship will be what they want to see it.

Some couples make the common mistake of first sex, trying to show each other their experience and knowledge of a variety of poses. In the future, when the relationship will become stronger diversity in the bed would be welcome, but for the first time is best to choose a traditional pose and give full attention to the sensory component of sex, avoiding unusual items that may have stress on the partner. Apply such a position is possible only when both partners know each other well.

As for the environment, for the first sex should choose dark or romantic twilight with the drawn curtains. It is not recommended to have sex for the first time included a bright light, even if this man wants to see his partner. The woman who first opens his body a man may feel awkward in bright light, it will not let her relax, she will be afraid to disappoint the man his appearance, which means that sex will not bring pleasure. For both partners, who go to bed with each other for the first time, it would be better to make love with the lights off.

Never be during the first sex immediately demand action by all partners. Perhaps your partner does not like those kinds of sex that you like - and the task of the first sex will find these preferences, and only then to apply them in action. Often people are not ready for sexual experimentation, which for them are not familiar.

Since the first sex sensuous aspect is just as important as a solid, should not forget importance of a long foreplay, which allows both partners to relax, and open up to each other. If you do foreplay can be long, it just sexual contact should not last too long. This can lead to fatigue and fatigue may lead to the fact that the partner does not experience orgasm and it will try to imitate. Simulate an orgasm in the first sex is not worth it - better to be honest partner that you were not satisfied, and then try to correct the situation.

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