Women's secrets: the words that we can not speak to the man

Women's secrets: the words that we can not speak to the man
 On this theme, you can find a huge number of publications, though mostly they are specific phrases that should be avoided in dealing with a man. But it's not so much the specific words and phrases, as in the general direction of your thoughts, in stereotypes that are sometimes necessary to change if you want to live happily ever after with her beloved.
 Men have incredibly developed sense of pride and dignity, even if they do not outwardly show - this is man's nature. And almost all the mistakes that can prevent a woman in communicating with a man, anyway connected it with hurt feelings.

One of the worst mistakes - a comparison with someone, especially if your man is losing in this comparison. However, even a neutral comparison - a common friend, friends, and even more so with your ex - it's a low blow. In general, a man should never talk about your ex in any context. The conclusion that a man does is clear: if you constantly about someone talking, so you always think of him. And, you see, something your man will be right. So, even if the former (or even several) do not go out of my head, they're in your communication - a taboo subject, at least as long as he loved about it will not ask.

From the same opera - doubts about the ability of men. Assume that a man does everything so that his hands do not grow out of the place he had something does not work - a huge mistake. To say that he earns little - even more so. That is to say it is possible, but not - must be approached from the other side. Generally, in everyday language is the expression "cut." Women-the "Saw" can live for many years in a marriage - and they will tolerate. But it is doubtful whether such a relationship will be truly happy.

Dissatisfaction with the appearance of the men, too, can lead to unpleasant consequences. You chose this man - so you like it. And that over time it can get better, polyset, change the style of dress, you need to think in advance. In the end, there is no ideal people in the world.

Another source of problems in the relationship - it's excessive control over man. Do not ask me all the time, who called him and where he is. Perhaps you just interesting, but it sounds like an attempt to espionage. If you do not trust your loved one, your relationship is clearly a problem, which is better to speak frankly.

Another problem seems obvious, but women stubbornly make this mistake - you can not hurt your beloved mother. In general, relatives, and especially my mother, because my mother - is sacred, at least in most cases. Even if it is objectively wrong. The same applies to male friends - it's not your friends, they do not have to like you. In general, do not forget that each person needs personal space and their own social circle, which must be respected.

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