Unrequited love. What to do and how to survive?

Unrequited love. What to do and how to survive?
 Surely every man at least once in their lives experienced unrequited feelings. It seems that you do not need anyone, except one man. Lost interest in everything, often people visit the apathy or depression.

How to make yourself forget

First of all, it is not necessary to dwell on the subject of his sympathy and forget about everything.

Should definitely do something related to physical activity. This can be hiking, skiing or skating, ballroom dancing or climbing.

Survive unrequited love will help active sports and being in society.

Is absolutely contraindicated in action when unrequited love

If you really want to escape from love and forget the former Man or Woman is very fast, you contraindicated: sit at home and read books (especially novels about love) or periodical articles with similar content; watch movies alone, especially melodramas and romantic comedies; go to cafes, bars alone; alcohol; cigarettes; drugs (even if you even say that they are not more dangerous than cigarettes).

All the above factors not only help to survive unrequited love, but also aggravate the situation. If and watch movies, it should be done, or to invite guests large noisy company, or go to the cinema, too, in the company.

Genre paintings is also important - it can be fighters, thrillers, detective. Preferably with a fun and simple plot. Excellent go to view sports, especially if you have a favorite sport or favorite team.

When a person is a fan of someone or empathizes with someone, their problems pale and felt not so acute.

Unrequited love from the point of view of psychology - a psychological dependence on the object of passion. And so the question of how to survive the kind of love, there is a simple answer: it is necessary to remove this dependency.

How to survive the psychological dependence

All exercise, whether it's bowling, dancing or digging potatoes increase blood circulation, increase heart rate, cause muscle tone. A physical condition always affects the psychological.

Well, what if bowling is not available, but do not want to watch a movie and favorite team lost. In such a case comes to the rescue a friend who can tell you about the most intimate. The main thing is not to overdo it. Experience an event such as unrequited love, talking with a friend - it's a long, painful and fruitless process. Remember that friend - a help, but not a panacea.

And yet another answer to the question of how to survive unrequited love. You need to communicate more with new people and make more new friends. It does not necessarily have to be guys or men. Grandmother on a bench that feeds pigeons ten-boy who runs a kite, a young mother, walking in the park with a stroller - do not be afraid to talk, learn, help. Very soon you will see the world very differently, and unrequited love would be to turn the page of your life.

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