Thousand Kisses - a pledge of a happy and long life

Thousand Kisses - a pledge of a happy and long life
 Long life and optimism for many years - not as an unattainable ideal, as he is considered by many people. Not all realize that the source of longevity is in your hands - this source are kissing.

Scientists from different countries have shown that frequent and sincere kisses significantly prolong life, make it more happy and relaxed, and people kissing often with their spouses and partners, are less prone to stress and aging, and their immune system is much higher than that of people who do not like to kiss.

Many kisses to increase the body's defenses, which means that it can withstand a variety of infections. That is why a loving wife who start the day with a kiss, much less ill of others. They are less common cardiovascular and nervous diseases, there are no problems with blood vessels and circulatory system, which trains every time you kiss, the brain produces more happiness hormones - endorphins, through which a person can keep a positive attitude even in stressful situations.

Many doctors and scientists say that kissing a beneficial effect on tooth enamel - it strengthens and improves, thanks to natural antibiotics contained in human saliva. During kisses naturally tense facial muscles, and it helps to avoid the appearance of early wrinkles as the skin retains firmness and elasticity, thanks to the constant "training." Regular kisses successfully replace the expensive anti-wrinkle cream and surgical facelift.

In addition, the kisses are a great addition to any diet or workout at the fitness club - kiss every day, twice a day for five minutes, and after a few months you will notice that your weight is decreased by a few pounds.

Thanks kisses, family relations preserved romantic and gentle atmosphere, despite the long years of marriage, and this is undoubtedly the main reason for the spouses should kiss as much as possible, and often getting pleasure from it.

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