The truth about your gifts

The truth about your gifts
 What is important is not a gift, but note this old truth is quite relevant today. At the same time, by what has been handed a gift and how it was done, we can make definite conclusions about the relationship to you of his donor.
 With what feelings people give gifts? For some, it is a joy, an opportunity to please a loved one, to express their love. For others, just an annoying duty, sometimes onerous - it is necessary to go shopping, look for something. Try to impartially assess their own gifts. Be honest with yourself, it's important. Assess your motivation - how often do you have to give gifts without any joy with the sole desire to quickly put an end to all this? If so, you'll have to work on yourself - provided that you really want to change for the better.

As a rule, when choosing a gift people come out of their financial capacity. There are exceptions, but not too often - for example, a student may at last money to buy a gift for your girlfriend. In this case, the cost is not important, important is the gesture - to give up everything for someone who you care about. At the same time loving person does not hint at the fact that he gave a gift for all of their money - on the contrary, try to hide it. Now compare this with the situation where quite wealthy person gives someone an expensive gift. Well, if the donor is really pure of heart and hands a gift truly from the heart. But sometimes it's different - people are not just presenting a gift, but one way or another according to its value. This is the fault - no matter how good was a gift, it will leave an unpleasant feeling in the person who handed. The conclusion is that if you want to be remembered with a kind word, never indicate a significant gift. It should be handed easily, naturally, with a really warm feelings.

There is another unpleasant tendency, which arose not so long ago - gifts often daritsya steel with a price tag and check. It is possible to find some excuse or even practical, but it is better to remove the price tags, not to mention the checks. Gift have a gift, it is not accepted to return to the store or to exchange for something else. With the check is presented only household appliances, which may need a warranty repair. If offered a piece of jewelry, the price tag on the retained data on the product and its weight sample, the price is cut off.

Is of great importance and immediate choice of gift. Sometimes it is very difficult to find something that really like a person, so searching for gifts should not be left on the last day. You may have to work around not one shop, before you actually find the thing that her recipient will be delighted. But if you have a goal to please him, you're sure to pick up a good gift.

How to relate to the awarding of money instead of a gift? Much depends on the situation. For example, if the gift is selected newlyweds, they really should give something useful or just hand over the money. Pass an envelope with a couple of banknotes can grandmother grandson, reverse the situation already looks ridiculous. Equally absurd is handing money to someone who is much more secure you, but to give money to needy people in more than normal. We just have to do it very correctly - so that does not offend the one who hand in money, not humiliate him. And here to the fore once again go the quality of the soul - a kind and thoughtful giver always be able to do everything so as not to offend. In practice, just try to really make a nice person, and everything will turn out by itself.

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