School of Modern Geisha

School of Modern Geisha
 Mysterious geisha attracts men not so much for its beauty, but the ability to support any conversation, sharp wit and erudition, is not peculiar to contemporaries. In special schools, girls were taught to be in harmony with each other, as well as the secrets of communicating with men, so geisha could charm anyone. Knowledge of Japanese beauties relevant today.  
 Inner happiness

Geishas taught in harmony with its own essence and nature. Watching the sunset, flying bee on a flower or a beautiful landscape allows women to relax, to let go of other thoughts and to achieve this peace. However, the modern woman is hardly a couple of free hours to spend on communication with nature. So you should learn to rejoice even small things: a breath of spring breeze, the first green blades of grass or the rustle of fallen leaves underfoot. Positive thinking reveals a woman, making it even more attractive, as if glowing from within.

Silence - gold

Famous Japanese women were terse. They could support the small talk, have a sense of humor and a good education, however, remaining alone with a man, give the floor to him. Geisha were good psychologists and understood that representatives of the stronger sex is necessary not just to talk, but to see in the eyes of female approval and even admiration. Therefore, they were able to express their emotions, not only in words, but gestures, eye contact, and even silence.

Try to pay special attention to the words of a loved one. When he begins to talk about what really worries him, whether it be a problem at work, personal experiences or future plans. Set aside everything and concentrate on the conversation. Do not interrupt his advice, tips and the more reproaches. Listen as if you want to soak up every word.

Altruism in bed

Geisha not waited lover decide not to remove from clothing. She undresses him herself. Try it and you use this technique in your own bedroom. This erotic game will allow man to relax and tune in the desired fashion. Most likely, sex after such a "striptease" is extremely delicate and sensual. The main thing is not in a hurry: undress best partner to the accompaniment of slow Japanese melodies. Dim the lights or light a candle - it will help create the right atmosphere.

In bed-Japanese beauties had only one goal - to please your partner. For this they trained intimate muscles with jade beads and beads. Thanks to this "exercise", geisha are not only reputed unsurpassed mistresses, but do not have difficulty in achieving orgasm. Exotic simulators for intimate muscles may well replace the Kegel exercises. Give them 5 minutes a day, and soon sex with her beloved becomes more vivid.

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