Run sex - assassin relations

Run sex - assassin relations
 Many couples are faced with the fact that over the years, sexual relations are becoming increasingly insipid and uninteresting. The passion that was so strong in the early years, was held. Sex is no longer bring joy and pleasure, sex happen less and less. Often in such a period of one of the spouses appear on the side of sexual partners, and so close to divorce. To return to the previous sharpness sex and not on the final kill, you have to make an effort.

To remain sexually attractive, do not forget about yourself. Let your wardrobe appear sexy things - beautiful lingerie, stockings, negligees. Pay more attention to the care of their appearance. Not necessarily spend a lot of money on trips to the stores - all procedures can be successfully done at home, the main thing - desire.

Many complain that sex has neither the strength nor the time. What's in a lot of family problems and worries that life is monotonous. However, for sex and there (well, except for conceiving a child, of course) to bring pleasure and relaxation, distraction from everyday problems and make life joyful.

Try to tune in sex is not five minutes before him, and in the morning. Be creative, think over new positions. Mentally imagine how you will caress their loved one. Try to convince yourself that you - sexy and desirable, that your significant other will be unable to resist the pressure of your passion.

Make a variety of sex: do not hesitate to visit a sex shop and buy something interesting. If you can not overcome shyness, use the online store. Sex toys - a good way to make sex more refined and enjoyable. Do not forget the sexy lingerie.

Do not neglect sexual games. It is better if the script is the result of joint work. Sometimes the discussion process is no less interesting and volnitelen than the game itself.

Can do a good job erotic films. Watch them with your partner, then you can understand what he is concerned about that love that causes irritation.

Do not hesitate to find out about their sexual fantasies halves. Maybe you can bring them to life? In any case, it would be greatly appreciated and will help to establish a sexual relationship. Use all means to add spice to the sensations and again feel the newlyweds.

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