Love and "Skype"

Love and "Skype"
 XXI century - the century of progress, electronics and the Internet. All modern technologies are designed to make our lives easier, save our time. In light of these innovations recently took such a thing as a "virtual love".

Despite the fact that it sounds like something abstract, all the feelings, emotions are real. Hundreds of thousands of people trying to find their other half, staying at home, sitting at a computer and flipping through a photo on a dating site and social networks. Today's youth is devoid of romance. Psychologists say that virtual love carries a number of both negative and positive aspects. Shy people who can not openly express their feelings, to keep the conversation in the real world, transformed, sitting at a computer. They confidently knock on the keyboard, talking to a stranger on the other side of the monitor about their problems, dreams, beliefs. Two people become closer to each other and look forward to the next "Connect", goes online. So often arises virtual love. Not seeing a person, it is easier to convey their feelings, emotions. But, at the same time, a man falls in love not living object and the image, which he invented himself. Very often in love interlocutors idealize each other, which almost always leads to the inevitable disappointment when they met in reality.

Communication via Skype with a webcam is much more convenient simple correspondence "blindly". And hardly enamored couple sits down at the keyboard in front of the camera in a home clothes: will certainly take care of their appearance, facial expressions, gestures. Such communication can not be considered "alive", but still it eases the transition to reality. Skype is particularly popular with couples who are far away from each other, sometimes even in different countries. And this program brings together at least for a short time the two lovers. Maybe still in a virtual love there is some romance? While on the other hand, a vast virtual space may become a cause divorce couples. For example, in England and America are increasingly occur divorce cases in which one spouse blames the other in a virtual treason.

Skeptics argue that love and Skype as well as love and social networking - the concept of incompatible. But such people are not immune to the fact that one day they will meet the love is in the virtual space and will look to include Skype, set up the webcam and with bated breath waiting for a meeting with someone you love.

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