Jealousy: The messages, or style of the real problem?

Jealousy: The messages, or style of the real problem?
 Jealousy is often called one of the most painful emotions. Psychologists have found that it is not just a very strong and destructive, but also uncontrollable emotional state. Jealousy is a multifaceted sense in which merged together anxiety, hatred, anger, doubt, despair, anger and pain. It brings a sense of suffering and the one who is jealous, and to someone jealous.

Men's jealousy is strong and often unreasonable sense, and this despite the fact that according to statistics men change their women much more frequently. Unlike men, women are more faithful to their partner and less jealous, having on this base. Men's infidelity come from interest, by chance, at the time, as women often change, yielding to the senses. Diversity of jealousy manifests itself in the fact that it often does not have to love absolutely nothing - it may be the style of communication, and can, through jealousy manifested low self-esteem or complexes of the second half. Not unknown that often on a subconscious level most strongly jealous people who are prone to changes.

If jealousy does not go into extreme forms, remaining some game that would suit two, it can be called a kind of communication style, because a small amount of jealousy is useful, it encourages partners, makes life more interesting and diverse causes and keep yourself in good shape. If the feelings are beyond the brink - jealousy becomes a problem sometimes unsolvable, destroying even the strongest relationship.

Jealousy is a subconscious fear of losing love, but now increasingly feeling began to perceive it as a demonstration. Frequent and unreasonable manifestation of this in all respects destructive feelings and talk about mistrust partner and that he is not jealous confident in their ability to hold the attention of the partner and their relationship. Jealousy as communication style - a sense even more complicated, because in this case the man himself does not realize that constantly jealous for no reason, and even if the realization comes, it is difficult to correct the situation.

Jealousy - a feeling that is not given to man as a negative emotion, because there a lot of positive moments. First of all, this is the sense of instinct, which allows a person's ability to mobilize in order to win over the competition. From the point of view of psychology jealousy can also be justified - for family life, it can be a good emotional meltdown, refresh relations, activate them.

Particular attention should be paid to such a concept as morbid jealousy, which can completely take possession of consciousness jealous and poison two lives. Pathological jealous arguments are absurd, his condition is similar to psychosis, the person affected by pathological jealousy, can only be described as sick. As a rule, the treatment of pathological jealousy requires a comprehensive approach, in this case, can not do without the participation of sexologist, as this type of jealousy is directly related to violations of human sexuality.

Relatively speaking, jealousy - a poison that is useful in small doses. Do not play the feelings of your partner to jealousy turned into a style of communication - it is psychologically complex and emotionally exhausting game in which there are no winners.

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