Imitation of orgasm: Causes and Consequences

Imitation of orgasm: Causes and Consequences
According to sexologists, about 10% of all female orgasms are simulated. But in reality, this number is likely to be much more impressive. Why do women need this pretense in bed? And can the simulation of orgasm harm the female body?

The first is to understand the reasons that cause women to simulate orgasm:

1. Desire to intimacy soon end

This is the most common reason. Imitation of orgasm in this case the woman is used to hasten the man. That is, let him know that she is fully satisfied, and the man's time to have fun. In turn, the reasons why the woman does not want to have sex, vary widely. Perhaps she was too tired to work or just a bad day turned out. Maybe she is worried at this point about some other things, for example, due to pribolevshey child.

In this case, a woman tries to match the role passionate mistress not to disappoint the man in bed. If the simulation of orgasm because of the reluctance of intimacy is rare, nothing wrong with that. However, if this situation is repeated very often, think, and whether it makes sense to force yourself constantly? Maybe we should again review the terms of its responsibilities (work, home and raise children, etc.) and try to find more time for relaxing and socializing with your favorite man?

2. Fear seem frigid

The low level of sexual culture, which, unfortunately, is common to many Russians, led to the emergence of a certain stereotype of "sexy woman". According to this stereotype, this woman should ever want, almost every second dream of intimacy, a plant with a single touch and easy to get an orgasm. Naturally, this image is far from reality. However, many women, because of the fear that they deem frigid, and therefore uninteresting, tend to conform to this stereotype.

The result of this desire and orgasm becomes simulation. If you had to fake orgasms just because of fear of appearing frigid man, think about whether you are ready to represent his entire life for someone else? Maybe it's better to drop the pretense and live your life? Naturally, it's not easy, but still better than the constant acting.

3. Fear of offending the man's refusal

Sometimes it also happens that a woman decides to have sex with a man because of the reluctance to offend him. A typical situation: a man made a wonderful romantic dinner or make a nice gift, but the woman just not in the mood. "It's not my fault, he was trying so hard," - thinks a woman and a man having sex awards. But, as originally desires intimacy of a woman was not, it simulates an orgasm.

Is this good or bad? If there beloved man who does not want to alienate many women argue that this deception is nothing terrible. This is true, but on the other hand, if you already have emerged trusting relationship, a man unlikely to be offended at the fact that today you are not "in the mood". What certainly is not worth doing, it's concede and agree to intimacy with a new fan just because he persistently courting. If he really likes you, he will wait until you will want to make the relationship more intimate.

In general, no matter what the reason makes you fake orgasms, pretense in bed is harmful to the body. After all, women, like men, just need regular sexual release. In addition, the simulation of orgasm, especially over the years, can greatly damage the relationship. Man will feel dissonance, and to what good it will not. So it is better to be honest.

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