Imitation of orgasm: pros and cons

Imitation of orgasm: pros and cons
 Imitation of orgasm - a fairly common phenomenon among women and, surprisingly, among men, it can also be found. What makes women fake orgasms, and the consequences of such behavior?

Imitation of the female orgasm is usually resorted to in order not to upset the man does not infringe on his manhood. In addition, displays of affection are perceived by men as a sign of women's sexuality, and insufficiently loud moans partner may face the idea that the relationship can not arise.

Therefore, in imitation of orgasm has its advantages. The man is not only satisfied, but also believes that he was "on high", you impressed passionate woman, but what's next? Well, if the next time do not have to pretend. But here's the regular simulate orgasm fraught with many dangers.

Pretending to be a man gives you a heavenly pleasure every time, you will not get him any behavior change. Why try something new if everything is working? Excessive self-confidence is not conducive to the establishment of sexual relations.

Any dishonesty in a relationship can be disastrous. And the likelihood that fraud will sooner or later be revealed, is quite high. Enough experienced men will not be difficult to distinguish from the real orgasm feigned, because moans and gestures are manageable, but involuntary muscle contractions that accompany orgasm, it is very difficult to imitate. If a man will suspect you to simulate orgasm, the sincerity in the relationship will be very difficult to achieve.

And currently worth considering. Instead, to relax and have fun, you all the time during the sexual intercourse necessary to think about how to make the sound that you are not suspected of a lack of sensuality. Get real orgasm in such conditions quite difficult.

Imitation of orgasm is allowed during brief relationship, for one or two nights. Then, if the partner can not appease you, and I want to leave pleasant memories, it is possible to resort to deception. If you are planning a long term relationship, sincerity and desire to give pleasure to the partner necessarily lead to the desired result.

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