Imitation of orgasm, when it is necessary

Imitation of orgasm, when it is necessary
 Good, healthy sex with a logical ending plays an important role in our lives. Man needs physical and emotional discharge, as well as a sense of satisfaction after sex and orgasm. But whether there are cases when you need to simulate an orgasm? It turns out there.

The most common reason simulate orgasm, when a woman is tired, can not relax and enjoy sex, and trite wants to act quickly ended. Agree, because if you had a hard time, which is still continued and at home, as you waited for cooking, cleaning or washing, and your husband is clamoring for attention, it is easier to simulate orgasm than torture yourself. Although, it may be worthwhile to carry out educational work with your partner.

The second reason simulate orgasm - she does not want to hurt the feelings of the elect. This is especially true when young people first started dating, and sex from them for the first time. The man in this case can take the time to show what he is a great lover or simply worry too much. In any case, it is easier to reach orgasm. The woman, a rare precious tool on the strings of her body must learn how to play. Not to disappoint and hurt the partner, it is necessary in such moments passion play, and women again represent the peak of the highest enjoyment. They do it with the innermost thoughts that in the next times everything will be more pleasant and romantic, and even then, they will get their long-awaited prize.

When a woman comes home and everything is cleaned, plays romantic music and pleased radiant man waiting for her to set the table and opening the wine, the sex is often the case in gratitude. However, if this is set to that of thanksgiving sex not, alas, is too fake orgasm.

It can also happen that a woman needs to fake orgasms to avoid being branded frigid. For example, if over and over again to reach orgasm is not obtained due to some reason, you have to end up portraying him with a secret thought to recoup the next time.

Sometimes it is even necessary to depict orgasm to achieve this! Many women, it's so exciting, that should be followed by the unreal real orgasm quite rapid.

In any case, to imitate or not, you decide. Real orgasm brings together partners, useful for physical and emotional health and gives unforgettable joy of sex.

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