How, where, when? The simple formula of the ideal sex

How, where, when? The simple formula of the ideal sex
 Full sex life - the basis of any family, without which the relationship between the spouses can not be called harmonious and complete. Each person has their own individual preferences as to when to have sex with her husband, how to do it, and how long should last contact. However, scientists have figured out how it should proceed sexual life of the spouses to achieve the greatest mutual pleasure.

Despite the fact that most couples traditionally have sex before going to sleep, scientists believe that the best time for intimacy is early morning when a woman's body increases the concentration of sex hormones. They unanimously say that six in the morning - it's the best time for marital sex of the day.

Morning sex charges of both spouses for the day, and this time is the most favorable time of day for conception. Since sexual contact stimulates the production of hormones, from which rises a feeling of joy and euphoria, morning sex can be considered a natural antidepressant that relieve stress and fill spouses joy for all the coming day.

In order to receive during sexual contact greatest pleasure, partners should not restrain their emotions - emancipation and loud sounds enhance the effect of mutual contact. Do not be shy to express their feelings - scientists have proved that the sounds that a person hears during sex, increase sexual desire, as opposed to a complete silence, which may cause problems in sexual relationships spouses.

With regard to the duration of sex there is widespread stereotype, which states that quality sex should last all night long. However, in reality it is not so - for a full ten minutes, enough sex, and more lasting relationship does not improve the effect, and many feel is simply boring. This fact was proved by research psychologists and sexologists who collected data among a large number of people, and found that the best sex should not last more than ten minutes at a time.

Recognizing that the long intercourse - is nothing more than a stereotype, many people can get rid of the inferiority complex of dissatisfaction and frustration that arise only because reality does not conform to impose on them in the media image. Real life has little to do with movies and TV shows, and each couple can achieve pleasure and come to the ideal formula marital sex through simple rules in which the key point, among other things, is the sincerity and mutual attraction.

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