How to talk to men

How to talk to men
 "We like talking in different languages! "- Is one of the most common complaints of women to male friends. Of course, in different languages ​​you do not speak. It's a metaphor, but it clearly expresses the essence of substantial differences psychological organization of women and men.
 Surely you are not just faced with the fact that your emotional, sincere, coming from the heart of the statements cause a reaction of irritation and incomprehension of the beloved. No need to rush and blame the spouse or boyfriend of callousness, unwillingness to listen, understand and regret. Men, too emotional, but each in its own way. They - the hunters, protectors and extractors. And therefore can not be weak and open, like a woman. The hunter should be able to control himself, lest, be strong and ready to defend. Genetic memory change is not easy, so emotionally women and men will long be different.

To learn how to talk to men, you must follow some rules. Articulates the subject. For example, women just love phrases like, "Honey, let's talk about our relationship." For a man, it sounds alarming, and it is unclear. Vaguely defined topics are left unclear framework in which will continue to develop the conversation. The man feels that he is expected some action, but he does not know the rules of the game, resulting in losing control of the situation. This creates uncertainty, and as a consequence - irritation. It is much easier (and for you and for him) to express its claim or request a more specific form: "Let's talk about why we can not call on a visit to my mother? ".

Finish the specific findings of any conversation with the man. Chatter wasted or for the process, which is so like many women, it is absolutely not clear to members of the opposite sex, and therefore causes irritation. Remember that men are not focused on the process and on the solution of the problem. Accordingly, if you want him to understand you, it is desirable that each of your idea finishes the sentence or specific conclusion.

Never use such words and statements that could hurt the male ego. Men are much more likely than women to be sensitive to negative evaluation, their self-esteem immediately fight back. Thus, instead of a neutral interlocutor you get advance with nothing on consonant opponent. Therefore, in no case do not compare favorite with anyone else.

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