How to support a man

How to support a man
 Men need to be supported as well as women. But their childhood accustomed to the fact that complaining and asking for help is not a man. To gain the trust and respect of men, it is necessary to know how to support him in difficult times.
 A man can look inward when he was a nuisance. If he went to work with his head, began to communicate less or almost no talking to you, do not make the interrogation and tantrums, do not begin to suspect him of some sins. Be feminine wisdom and caution, gently ask him what happened. Understand the situation, determine what you can to help him.

Befriend the beloved, surround it with care and attention. Let the delicious food, which he especially likes the comfort of home, your warm attitude enrich his difficult time. Try to relieve the tension by a walk together, candles at dinner, soft music and a bath with a few drops of essential oil and sea salt.

Calmly talk to the man. Attentively without interrupting, listen to him and express understanding and sympathy. Do not show pity, it can hurt your partner, anger, hurt and humiliate. Be tactful, and then the man you will.

Slight breeze in the home and at work can bring a man out of balance even more when he is concerned, and spoil his mood. Help your partner to perform some cases, for example, to prepare a document or a pet costume. Try to remain calm and devote more time to your man. In this case, do not ask too many questions.

Offer to help in solving the problem. If you are using a non-standard approach to dealing with the release of an unpleasant situation, your loved one will be very grateful to you.

On your ability to support a man in a difficult situation depends on the psychological atmosphere in the house. He should feel your support and willingness to lend a helping hand. Let the man know that he can count on the help and understanding that you will overcome the difficulties together.

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