How to make a man think of yourself

How to make a man think of yourself
 Every woman wants to be cherished and constantly attract the attention of the opposite sex. But even more eager to close was the one and only, mind and heart which will belong only to it.
 The first thing to do - is to draw attention to their appearance on the demeanor and style of dress. No one requires you to extravagance and uniqueness. Although it depends on what it thought men should belong only to you. But you have to look primarily feminine, elegant. All your appearance should correspond to one style. It is foolish to come to a meeting in sneakers and evening makeup. And you must look not only at meetings with her man, but also in everyday life. This should get into the habit and become your comfort zone if you previously did not give much importance the style of their clothes.

Besides the fact that everyone can see from the outside, the woman should have and inner content. To do this, not necessarily to finish university, but no harm will be more interested in what is happening in the world, read the news, fiction. Then you will be much easier to behave in a normal conversation. It is useful to learn about the interests of the men and begin to understand these issues. You will have more time for the communication, and will flatter him so much attention on your part.

It is also important to talk about what you like. This could be some kind of composition books, dishes, color - anything. When in your absence, he somehow collide with the subject or maybe smell, then it will be on a subconscious level, an association is with you.

Avoid frequent meetings. He must think that you are very busy woman. But it is necessary to take special wisdom and correctly use the time spent together, that he was looking forward to the next meeting, but have not decided what you need to find someone else. Just let him know that you are a person versatile and you have their hobbies, such as learning a foreign language. It should be understood that not met another girl, and the only woman of his life.

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