How to express sympathy for the guy

How to express sympathy for the guy
 Girl liked the guy - what could be more natural? She identified him from the mass of other members of the stronger sex. Now it is small - and the guy that drew attention to it, I realized that he cared about her. And here is where the problem may be.
 Some guys are shy by nature, some not very observant. In short, tokens, which is trying to convey to him the girl somehow wasted. A step up and just say: "I like you! "Modesty does not allow. So how does a girl to express their sympathy to the young man to certain "came"?

First of all, a woman does not need to be nervous, angry, annoyed, "slowpoke". Well, what to do, male and female arranged quite differently. And it's not just about the different primary-secondary sexual characteristics, but also fundamental differences in psychology. What is obvious to any girl can not understand the guy. And vice versa. Take it as a reality.

Especially, do not doubt its appeal, suffer, thinking: "Maybe I do not like him? Maybe, it is not to his taste? "With a probability of 99%, the guy does not even know about the feelings of the girl because she was trying to bring them to him properly.

Remember, the vast majority of males do not understand (and do not want to understand) hints, allusions, walking around the bush. Their is a confusing, embarrassing and annoying. And you also want to achieve this effect is not, right? Therefore, your first priority: to make young people feel good, comfortable in your society. To him it was nice. Means here - more than enough, and such that girls are abundant Mother Nature has provided.

Look. His power is applied efficiently and on time, can literally work wonders. Of course, it is in any case should not be direct, tactless, intrusive. You do not call to fight a young man. Gentle, warm, a little embarrassed, as if thrown by chance - and the guy certainly pay attention to you.

Voice. Well, in strength and if he will give way to view, then quite a bit. Languid, a little excited, melodic, - it operates without a miss. Try just do not overdo it. Voice in any case should not be corny, cutesy: normal guys that can not stand.

Smile. Well, is it possible to talk endlessly. How about one of the most famous smile of the Mona Lisa. Believe me, was not born yet the guy who is able to treat with indifference sincere, affectionate smile pretty girl. Especially if it has at the same time such a charming voice and gentle look.

The content of the conversation. Talk about what is interesting guy, not you. And even better - speak less and listen more. Believe me, it works.

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