Familiarity with his parents: tactics and strategy

Familiarity with his parents: tactics and strategy
 Your love story is developing rapidly, and even a bit like a fairy tale. At one point, the young man wants you to meet his parents. If so, then it applies to you seriously. And from this step will largely depend on the subsequent relationship, and possibly marriage proposal. So familiarity with his parents - one of the most important strategic points in the love story.

The first thing you need to know is how is your boyfriend to her parents. If it is very important to their opinion, then you have to "get out of the skin" to make a favorable impression. Otherwise, your relationship may be jeopardized.

Second - gently ask what girl sees his mother near her beloved son. Of course, it is not necessary to turn into a clone of the image. But disappoint my mom absolute mismatch with her idea of ​​the perfect daughter, too, not worth it. That you always have time to do after the wedding. Learn this information will not be easy, but it's still real. Maybe your guy was already up to you girl, who liked his mom, and he told you about it. Or perhaps he himself, as a person interested, tell you how to conduct himself better with his parents.

The third important thing - the selection of clothes and make-up for the meeting. It is necessary to look fashionable, but not necessarily challenging and cute. In no case should not be abused cosmetics, wear your favorite mini skirt or jeans with holes. Better something classic or at least not a radical.

Fourth - behavior "bride." After all, you just go for it and called - to see and appreciate. Think about that for his parents' thing in you? I guess that you sincerely loved their son, were balanced person without bad habits and habits, it is desirable from a good family.

Based on these three principles. Unobtrusively Showcase your great sympathy for their offspring, talk less, to say the excitement stupidity or rudeness, and try to show good manners. Can praise house and cooking skills mistress. However, outright flattery only hurt you. Everything should look natural. Behave while talking openly and friendly. Do not hide your eyes, clearly answers the question.

It is appropriate to emphasize its financial independence if you are, of course, itself possess. And if you still do not earn a living, mention in passing, what a wonderful perspective profession you acquire. This should reassure parents that are a little afraid that their son "sit on the neck."

All of this will be enough to produce a family of your young man a good impression when we first met.

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