At home among strangers, or Art acquainted

At home among strangers, or Art acquainted
 The man - a social being, so the ability to meet and communicate with other people is one of the most important. The first helps to find friends, to establish the necessary business contacts, as well as arrange a personal life. The man who owns dating skills will always be surrounded by people and will not suffer from loneliness.

Child taught from childhood to get acquainted with their peers. Even in kindergarten kids learn to communicate with each other and make friends. Kids lose situation dating using toys, meet each other their dolls and teddy bears. So the child begins to comprehend the art acquainted.

However, the introduction of childhood is somewhat different from how it occurs in adulthood. Baby enough to go, give your name and offer to play together. Adult to do so is not always convenient, but there are times when the simplest approach would be most effective. From the first moment of meeting and dating depends on what kind of impression of you goes. So, what to do to correct acquaintance passed and led to successful communication, helped build a relationship with a man?

Firstly, you need to choose the right time to explore. If one is engaged in important work, not feeling well, call waiting responsible, in general, is in a situation not have to communicate, it is better not to bother. Introducing held messy, if not held.

Second, the style of dating and socializing should depend on the situation and location. Obviously, the introduction at a business conference and a nightclub will be held in different ways. Single is one - kindness, and respect in relation to a person with whom you want to make acquaintance. Psychologists have shown that only a small fraction of the information transmitted verbally, that is it. The lion's share of her eyes and perceived subconsciously, at the level of intuition. Your view should be credible, radiate a positive attitude. Your main weapon - an open smile, smiling eyes. Such a person can feel the confidence he has in himself, and familiarity pass easily.

If you and the person with whom you want to meet, have mutual friends or colleagues, it would be better if they present you with each other. Such indirect acquaintance will be faster and easier.

The key to successful dating is a compliment. In the west, it is considered a necessary component of any communication. But the compliment must be sincere and appropriate. You can never make up praise, not true, because your partner will definitely feel the falseness. Look at the man, think what you like about it and tell him about it. In a business setting appropriate compliments regarding accessories - watches, neckties, jewelry, handbags, as well as the hair, the new mobile phone models and things like that. In an informal setting, you can make a more personal compliments on appearance and clothing. Incorrect to assume that compliments only do women. Representatives of the stronger sex also love and appreciate the praise in his address.

By following these tips, you will be able to make acquaintance with any person in any situation!

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