The main secret of sexual pleasure

The main secret of sexual pleasure
 Sex - a rather important part of life. That is why humanity at all times sought to learn and grow numerous related "secrets". In fact, no special mysteries in this exciting course not. The main thing - to deliver the greatest pleasure yourself and partner (or the partner, which is a bit more complicated). But how exactly to do it, without losing too much energy?

Role model for many men is still the famous Count Casanova. It is believed that this legendary lover mastered the nature of female sexuality and could within 12 hours to engage with a partner love, causing his next fiancee always had an unforgettable orgasm. However, for such a surfeit of Giacomo did not end particularly well: he eventually turned into a feeble old man who suffered from various illnesses and had to not indulge in amorous pleasures, and to describe their past victories on paper.

Nothing surprising here. The fact is that for a woman orgasm often requires more than one sexual act. Ladies, as you know, are heated much more slowly men. Therefore gallant seeks after passing the highest point of pleasure again to commit an act of love to give pleasure to his lady. But during ejaculation men lose a lot of energy. Not by chance after it comes fatigue, drowsiness, lack of energy. Many athletes and musicians know from their own experience that ejaculation reduces creativity. In ancient China, this process is called the "little death."

It is the Chinese Taoists and developed rules to achieve sexual pleasure, in which precious energy Ching (aka - qi) is not lost. There are special techniques by which a man can have sex for hours and fully satisfy your partner without ejaculating semen. In this case, it may even get an orgasm, but not to lose vitality.

Master the techniques of Tao of love can any modern man, just need to carefully study the ancient treatises translated into many languages. Then sex sparkle with new colors will be unique and unforgettable. With the help of lovemaking will not only have fun, but also to support youth, healing all sorts of diseases. Yet the secret of sexual harmony - a sensitive and caring attitude to the partner.

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