Love and personal space are compatible?

Love and personal space are compatible?
 Free every man and woman are free to do what they see fit, they are free in their actions. In another way things work in pairs, when people love each other and want as much as possible to spend more time together, dissolving their feelings. And quite often forget about their interests, their personal space, not associated with the favorite or favorite.

All boys and girls from my youth trying to find love for ever. And when they find it, they try every day to do something together: a walk in the park, going to the cinema or theater, bowling or volleyball. And this was to be expected, because they have so much to get to know each other: the characters, the emotions. In this private space becomes both joint. Forgotten friends who are often invited to go fishing or hiking; friends who have repeatedly called for a meeting in the cafe. Interests and hobbies of each fade into the background.
But once there comes a time when you broke up with your loved one (say, he went on a business trip). You understand that you do nothing without it. Everything becomes boring and monotonous, gray and mundane. Yes, and friends who long to have offended you, and forget about you, did not pay to spend time together. All your thoughts are reduced to soon come to your loved one.
 But it could happen a situation where your spouse is not just leave on a business trip and leave you forever. Then, with the departure of the person from your life, and you will leave. That's when all the lovers do everything together and share an interest for two, combining personal space each other at parting there are cases of suicide.
 To avoid this unpleasant situation, you need to stop in time. Each despite their mutual love for one another, he should develop as a person, to move forward. Then communicate couples will be much more interesting. You will be able to discuss their experiences and emotions.
 But you can not move to the extreme. Becomes free, do not forget about the interests of the second half, the promises given to her; of appointment. Must be respected each other. If you know that can not perform any oath, it is better not to give them.

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