If you are not satisfied with sex life

If you are not satisfied with sex life
 He is cute, romantic, caring, love you ... It would seem that the relationship can be called perfect, but sex for some time does not cause a storm of emotions and passions. To turn her husband in a perfect lover, do not need to do something supernatural. Understand that it prevents him to be liberated - and take action.

He believes that sex - it's a kind of magic. And if you really love each other, hands, fingers, lips themselves find their way to your innermost fantasies. Such men never talk about sex, that they wanted to try, believing that you have to understand each other at a cellular level. Usually they do not have representation, where the erogenous zones of the woman he loved. In such a situation it is necessary to act carefully and delicately, try to explain that if you share with each other erotic desires and dreams, the act of love goes to a new level. There is nothing shameful in discussing your sex life together.

He does not want to bring anything new to your bed. Sexual relations are exhausted, you get tired of making love in the missionary position. Do you want to experience new emotions in sex, but he resisted all sorts of ways and refuses to - in fact easier to follow the beaten path pleasure. It should be explained to the man that you need to break stereotypes, sex, family life as - life and monotony tightens and absorb, so you need to try something new: role-playing games, dressing, sex in the shower. Come to think creatively.

He sexually irresistible. His favorite activity - to think about sex and only sex. Your priorities are not the same. Perhaps this is an artificial problem that can be solved through mutual concessions. Worse, when the man - selfish. He is not interested in whether you like sex with him, doing only what he liked. Be selfish in bed - the total concentration only on their feelings, care only about their own pleasure. Want to reciprocity? Learn from it. Sets its own rules. Men are too sensitive to criticism, they are influenced by the thought of their impotency. Hint to him about it, not focusing, and he will try to please you at least to feel like a real and complete man.

He has problems with potency. In this case, the disappointment in his abilities are only a physiological nature. He can help only highly skilled, but you have to become a part of and care. Do not be ashamed of him, talk to him openly about the problem and always maintain, but do not dwell. There's nothing to change. Try to find alternative ways of obtaining pleasure - such as oral sex or role-playing games.

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