If I were a sultan: polygamy in our time

If I were a sultan: polygamy in our time
 Unpretentious song expresses a common desire for most men to have multiple wives legally. Many nod to Islam, they say, once they are allowed and there is even a polygamous family there, so there is this idea that something good.  

Indeed, the culture of Islam allows men to have several wives. However, this is not due to a primitive desire to share a bed with several popular with women, and the desire to protect women from immoral acts and ensure each family, her husband and children.

There are also notes that if the first wife does not want to be official competitors, its right enshrined in the marriage contract, and the spouse can not break it. The man, who wished to acquire a number of spouses must adequately assess their own strength, not only for men. It should equally provide the same material all the wives and their children.

In general, polygamy has historically intended to stand in defense of women. In the days of bloody wars, many women remained alone, so it was decided to allow men to have up to 4 wives in order to separate the hardships of their lives.

Nowadays polygamy - a moot point. In our country, for example, women aged 30-45 years is much more than men. A certain proportion of men actually polygamous and so, because they have relationships on the side, and someone manages to make even a normal family there.

Permission to have polygamous family may be imposed on men additional material obligations that not every soul.

It is interesting that they themselves followers of Islam are reluctant to adultery at all and do not tend to have more than one wife. Whereas representatives of European culture is considered adultery something normal. Most likely, this is due to the fact that a Muslim woman is to take more responsibility, not allowing their desires to change someone's life. After all, at seducing women have to marry in order to preserve their honor.

As long as people do not come to a consensus about the wisdom of polygamy in modern society. One thing is clear, in the relationship between man and woman should be guided not only the heart, but often listen to the voice of reason, which is able to protect against unethical behavior.

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