If a man said "No"

If a man said "No"
 Sexual desire of men and women to each other is not always mutual, and frequent situations in which one partner suddenly loses the desire to have sex with someone you love. If a man, for whatever reason, does not respond to affection and shows no sexual initiative, the woman should understand why this is happening and find out the reasons to act.

First you need to assess the situation objectively and to talk to the man, causing him to a frank conversation. Also, you need to soberly assess the scope and nature of man, as if he is responsible and attentive, it is quite possible that the family will soon get better sex life. If a man has a problem, but he does not want them to know there is a chance that the problem will only worsen.

Try to find out the truth about why the man does not want you intimate connection. The reasons may be very different - from the partner side to physiological problems. If the relationship is nothing to prevent, and both partners simply lost interest in sex, you need to try to switch his attention to other occupations.

Sometimes sexual dysfunction in men suggests indirectly to any serious diseases, so try to persuade a partner to visit a doctor. Depending on the situation, it may need consultation or andrology, a family psychologist. Interested in the results of surveys, show sincere interest, that the man was aware of your concern and felt understanding.

If the reasons for the weak of sexually active men lie in psychology, it is worth trying to refresh relations, making them an element of romance and novelty. This can help you shop erotic products, as well as the attributes with which the house can create erotic atmosphere. Perhaps a man wants new experiences, so it's worth to upgrade impression not only on sex, but also from yourself.

Try to learn new hobbies, new styles of communication, a new image. All this will help to diversify the family life. Do not let the male self-esteem drops, constantly give him a reason to make sure their own values, and be confident in his own irresistible.

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